November 2021

eInfochips to showcase AI Inferencing at the Edge Solution at AWS re:Invent 2021.

AWS re:Invent 2021 is just around the corner & eInfochips is all set to showcase a holistic intelligent camera solution with AI inferencing on the edge based on Qualcomm® QCS610 kit. Visit us for a live demo.
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Building Intelligent Audio Systems- Audio Feature Extraction using Machine Learning

Given the recent trends in machine learning and deep learning, we have tried to give a high-level overview of how digital signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms can go hand-in-hand to categorize or draw inferences from audio signals.
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ML in Action – Managing Machine Learning Inference

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions have revolutionized data analysis and insights in complex, often stochastic problems in real-world industry applications. Utilizing these solutions at scale requires optimized inference on trained model algorithms in diverse edge and endpoint configurations. Understanding how model inference works is critical to unlocking the maximum value from the AI deployments. Read More

Getting Started with Automotive Cybersecurity

The rapid growth of the automotive industry has compelled cybersecurity to keep pace technologically to protect vehicles from malicious actors. Automotive cybersecurity ensures that the communication and information transmitted between the vehicle and other platforms are complete, unchanged, and only the authorized receivers have access to it.
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Intelligent Test Automation: Smart Way to Optimize Testing Processes

Intelligent Automation is a combination of machine learning, process automation, and artificial intelligence that can implement smart testing processes based on adaptable workflows. It works as an additional layer above that fixes most of the challenges of the automation, reduces manual efforts, and helps gain more skills that self-evolve.
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Case Study

Fast-tracking IP Camera Software Development using eInfochips Reusable Camera Framework

eInfochips with its Reusable Camera Framework (RCF) IP helped the customer to lower TCO by 20% and accelerate time-to-market by 25% for end-to-end design and development of ‘Next-Gen’ IP camera solutions
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