BDD Enabled Test Automation Framework

As enterprises across industries make digital transformation one of the key strategic priorities, Quality engineering in also now linked to business outcomes.  Hence it is very important for business users to be involved in the digital journey earlier rather than later.  Business users are faced with lower quality software or products in case of inadequate test coverage or lack of understanding of business user behaviour in earlier phases of testing cycle.

eInfochips BDD enabled test automation framework helps in linking domain experts, developers and testers with focus on testing end user behaviour in a simple text language.

Functionality Overview

The framework can be used to test applications as well as connected products.  The framework generates a feature file for each test case added in test management, executes it using developed keywords and then uploads all test results into a test management tool using the framework libraries.

Key Features

  • Behave Feature Generator to generate feature and steps file for a given test case, written in simple English BDD format, from test management tool
  • Test Automation execution reports
  • Log test execution results
  • Common libraries for keyword implementations
  • Device simulator
  • Integration with Test management tools like Jama
  • Integration with DevOps CI/CD tools like Jenkins
  • Custom framework to support multiple testing domains and tool landscapes, ease of scaling

Integrations with external systems

  • Test management tools e.g. Jira, Jama – automated tests are written using keywords from the framework
  • Device Test Server – communicate with Test Client and Device Software
  • Smooth integration with any CI/CD tools


The main blocks of the framework focus on process, better communication and generating artifacts which in turn helps in accelerating the testing cycle along with providing higher reusability and extension. The framework has also helped in reducing testing efforts upto 40% for customers in various industries.

Accelerate your test cycles for embedded software and application testing

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