Bluetooth Qualification

Bluetooth is now implanted in myriad of connected devices like wearables, mobile phones, home automation devices, automotive and many more.  These wireless devices need to conform to Bluetooth® specifications to display the Bluetooth trademark.  eInfochips helps with this pre- certification compliance checks.  We have vast experience in validating Bluetooth devices for various industries. Leveraging this expertise, we have created ‘Bluetooth Qualification Framework’ to support automation testing and certification of Bluetooth enabled devices for various domains.  Our Test setup has capabilities to cover various industries like Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Smart Home, Health & Wellness, Sports & Fitness, Mobile Telephony and PC & Peripherals.

The Bluetooth Qualification framework enables precertification checks covering definition of Bluetooth messages for devices upto Bluetooth v5.2, creation of tests using the messages and communication of Bluetooth messages to devices.


The tests are automatically executed, and Test Reports are generated by combining test results from individual tests. The framework also covers security scenarios to make device secure against wireless networking threats as well as network failures.  We have developed an automated regression test set that can run as needed against the software to ensure seamless functional experience with the device.

Bluetooth Qualification framework provides coverage for:

The framework is designed across four layers: Business Application Layers, Platform layer, Connectivity layer and Device layer covering functional, non-functional and security/compliance tests as shown below.


Automated Bluetooth Qualification framework allows more flexibility in overall testing strategy and can be used as part of end-to-end testing. Overnight testing for reliability is also an advantage of automated testing. Finally, Test Reports gives a clear indication of the status of the firmware and any problems found during execution. The framework reduces manual efforts upto 40% with the help of CI/CD. The main purpose of the framework is to provide optimal Bluetooth testing coverage for highly accessed product features and thereby ensure superior end user experience.

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