Heavy Machinery

The heavy machinery industry is amongst the early adopters of the latest technologies to improve equipment health, uptime, and efficiency. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, telematics, IoT and augmented/virtual reality are enabling manufacturers to automate operations, reduce human errors and provide virtual equipment training and reduce worksite hazards.

eInfochips works with heavy equipment manufacturers and industrial technology companies to develop solutions such as telematics, vehicle control units, HMI/Displays, safety products and IoT platforms etc. We also enable them with digital technologies for them to remotely monitor equipment health, manage fleets, provide virtual training and perform predictive maintenance for a safer, secure and sustainable future.

Why eInfochips for Heavy Machinery?

Engineering services for heavy machinery and off-road vehicles such as mining, construction, farming, earth moving equipment etc.

Turnkey design-to-manufacturing experience for heavy-duty vehicle telematics and fleet management solutions

Expertise in developing ADAS solutions for collision awareness and driving behaviour analytics

Designed industrial wireless remote-control products for automation and safe operation of equipment in difficult-to-reach areas

Workforce safety solutions with intrinsically safe product development, wearable/handheld devices, and AR/VR for virtualized workforce training etc.

Remote asset monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for asset uptime & utilization

Key Offerings

Telematics & Equipment Diagnostics
Automation and Controls
Industrial IoT (IIOT)
Industrial Safety Solutions

IP / Frameworks

Wireless Connectivity Test Automation Framework

RDM SaaS Platform

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

End-to-end Product Engineering for a Telematics Device

Case study – Turnkey development of a telematics black box for heavy commercial vehicles…

Case Study

OT-IT Integration for a Shipping Fleet Operator

Case study – OT-IT integration and cloud analytics to improve route visibility, equipment efficiencies, and minimizing fuel theft of a shipping fleet operator…

Case Study

Collision Awareness System for Manufacturing and Assembly Plant

LIDAR-based collision awareness system to avoid accidents through a continuous tracking of factory vehicles…

Case Study

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