OptiX – Physical Design Framework

With multiple projects running at different design phase cycle and large teams spread across multiple locations, one of the main challenges that ASIC managers face is overwhelming data that may not be useful to track critical decisions. Each RTL release creates additional implementation cycle, debug cycle, status reporting.

To avoid status tracking overheads and for higher productivity and predictability of the design project, eInfochips has developed an ASIC Flow Management System called Optix. It is an ASIC Design Environment Automation tool that does not require any coding. It provides a comprehensive dashboard with all the project details for Managers and helps in management of interdependencies of ASIC stages and runs based on HW platforms/SW releases using tags.

OptiX Tool Features

  • OptiX ASIC design environment with OptiConf, OptiRun and OptiStat features
    • OptiConf – Configures ASIC parameters for RTL, Netlist, Libraries, Tech files, Fab files
    • OptiRun – Manages run at each stage of ASIC flow covering Synthesis, DFT, PD
    • OptiStat – Interactive dashboard for status reporting and monitoring provided very strong effectiveness during project
  • In-built analytics to post process runs and recommend predict analysis
  • Interface with EDA tool to integrate invoke, run, debug in existing ASIC environment
  • Helps to achieve ~35% cost savings over traditional automation technique

Success Stories

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