A Set of Services, Accelerators, and Frameworks to
Fast-track the Development of
Intelligent Vision-based Solutions Powered by Edge-AI.

Intelligent video analytics based on AI algorithms and computer vision technology are finding omnipresent applications across industries as they enable real-time monitoring, quick response, and better decision-making. According to the latest research, the global market for intelligent video analytics is expected to reach $26B by 2023. The demand for edge-intelligence based video analytics will increase multifold, driven by emerging applications such as edge computing, autonomous driving, industrial machine vision and medical imaging.

e-EYE is a set of services, accelerators, and frameworks derived from our 25+ years of experience to fast-track the development of intelligent, vision-based solutions powered by Edge-AI. e-EYE drastically reduces development efforts and accelerates time-to-market allowing our customers to focus on breakthrough technology innovations.

Why eInfochips for Vision-based Solution?

Developed 100+ camera vision-based products across different industries such as Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare, Retail etc.

Designed scalable solutions to manage millions of edge nodes on edge and cloud

End-to-End video/image pipeline experience (capture, process, record, analyze, stream etc.)

Expertise around video analytics algorithms development, integration, testing, optimization and porting

In-house centre of excellence for camera image tuning services

Accelerators/IPs – Reusable camera framework, APIs/microservices, RDKs, codecs, stacks, libraries etc.

In-depth experience across image sensors and optics (Sony, Samsung, Onsemi, OmniVision etc.)

Solution Highlights

Video Management Software
Reusable Camera Framework (IP)
Video Analytics Algorithms
Multimedia (Audio/Video)
In-house Image Tuning Lab

IPs / Frameworks

Reusable Camera

Snapbricks Video Management

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