Snapbricks Cloud Optimization
Assessment Framework (SCOAF)

Often when organizations migrate to the cloud, they realize that the costs are more than planned. This is due to unutilized cloud resources, idle accounts or outdated resources. Thus, companies look for ways to cut down their increasing cloud bills.

eInfochips’ Snapbricks Cloud Optimization Assessment Framework (SCOAF) is designed to assist customers who have already moved their applications and workload to the cloud and intend to optimize their overall solution across five distinct areas – Cost Optimization, Security, Reliability, Performance and Operational Excellence.

With proven methodologies and tools our cloud experts engage with clients in a two-phase process:

With proven methodologies and tools our cloud experts engage with clients in a two-phase process:

In the first phase, an objective assessment of all five pillars stated above is carried out over two weeks.  During this phase, eInfochips’ Cloud Solution Architect engages with the customer to discover the current infrastructure, asset allocation policy and lifecycle management protocols as part of the cost optimization assessment.  As part of the Security Audit, vulnerabilities, customer privacy, policy adherence and industry compliances are assessed.  A Reliability and Performance study on data backup, disaster recovery and auto-scaling policies is also carried out.  A NOC/Cloud operation audit & SLA/KPI identification is carried out as part of the Operations audit and an As-Is report on all above parameters is shared at the end of this phase.

In the second phase, which lasts for four weeks,  a gap analysis is carried out and best practice recommendations are provided covering overall infrastructure cost management & policy set-up, security breaches and remediation plans, data back-up, DR implementation gaps & improvements, overall NOC / Cloud operation, SLA adherence gap and an improvement plan. The Cloud Solution Architect and Technical Lead provide a detailed Cloud Optimization Assessment Report at the end of this phase.

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