Snapbricks IoT Device Lifecycle Management

As IoT becomes a trillion-dollar market in coming few years and the number of connected devices run into billions, the need to remotely control and manage these devices will become essential. User expectation on service quality and enhanced connectedness will push IoT-based services to deliver key value drivers to influence purchasing decision and product acceptance.

eInfochips possesses over two decades of device (things) experience, managing their life cycle, serving a multitude of business cases across various industrial verticals. Our proven technical, process, and infrastructure capability spans across the IoT value chain helping our MNC clients extend their Cloud Application to seamlessly integrate and manage Things.

eInfochips’ Remote Device Management platform has enabled our customers to further enhance their application value by incorporating devices, delivering high service reliability, reducing operating cost, and maximizing devices uptime.

Adding value to your business outcomes:

  • Increase service reliability
  • Decrease response time to resolve issues
  • Maximize device uptime
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Cost savings through automation

RDM Offerings:

  • Device Provisioning
  • Device Management
  • Device Monitoring
  • Device Updates and Cloud Integration
  • Data, Network, Device level security

Want to manage your remote devices real-time?