Cybersecurity Assessment Framework

As part of eInfochips Cybersecurity consulting services, we have developed Cybersecurity Assessment Framework in two phases. through which we help an organization assess security solution maturity in terms of threats and vulnerabilities.

In the first phase of Discovery & Evaluation, eInfochips Security Architect carries out Security Architecture Assessment and identifies Security Requirements including Regulatory Compliance and comes up with Security Program Outline and recommended Solution Architecture including  Security Considerations

The architect creates a Threat Model carrying out multiple iterations of threat modelling using tools like Microsoft Threat Modelling & OWASP Threat Dragon Tool.

In the second phase, Remediate & Improve, eInfochips Security SME enables creation of  Secure Environment, Application Code Scan Results, DevSecOps and Security Controls. After this we run Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests for device, web and mobile native applications.

In the end, we present a detailed Security Assessment Report covering Assessment process, findings and recommendations.

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