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Aerospace manufacturers worldwide are working exceedingly hard to meet the industry’s expectations. They must develop innovative and competitive solutions while ensuring safety and security. They must also evaluate the aspects involved, such as the components, cost, and time to market. The most recent improvements in the aviation sectors have driven manufacturers to provide the best solution for the customers’ requirements, whether it is in the shape of flight control systems, in-flight entertainment systems, navigation systems, display systems, or any other.

eInfochips is a one-stop shop for design, development, and certification support with core competencies in avionics PCB/FPGA design and software development. As an Arrow Electronics division, eInfochips can assist clients with component procurement and supply chain difficulties that may arise. We also have 400+ experienced engineers on board, with 85% of them having worked on DAL A level projects. We have flexible engagement models and can collaborate at any stage of the product’s lifecycle.

Why eInfochips for Avionics Engineering Services ?

Associated with 5 of the world’s top 10 commercial aerospace corporations

Extensive expertise with system criticality levels ranging from Level A to Level E

Executed many projects (>90%) with DAL A systems

Experts in advanced development and verification methodologies
Experience of participating in FAA (SOI-I to SOI-IV) and EASA audits
DO-178B to DO-178C migration specialists

Key Offerings

IPs / Frameworks

Reference Designs & EVMs

Accelerate your product prototypes and designs with our fully tested Reference Designs and EVMs.

Test Automation Framework

Unified Test Automation and Management tool for web, desktop, mobile and device platforms.


eInfochips received Rockwell Collins 2014 Supplier of the Year Award for Development and Engineering Services

Areas Of Engagement

In-flight Information System

  • Seat Display Unit
  • Digital Media Server
  • Passenger Media Unit

Display Systems

  • Head Up/Down Display
  • Integrated Flight Deck
  • Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
  • Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)

Flight Control Systems

  • Flight Control Computer
  • Horizontal Stabilizer
  • Actuator Controller

Navigation Systems

  • GNSS
  • Global Landing System
  • GPS Receiver Unit

Communication Systems

  • AFDX Switch
  • Air to Ground Data Delivery System
  • SATCOM System

Urban Air Mobility

  • Camera/ Image Tuning Services
  • Energy Systems and Management Services

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

MIL BUS 1553: Robust Tech for Aerospace Applications

Whitepaper – MIL-STD-1553 is a serial data bus defined by the US Department of Defence that specifies the mechanical, electrical, and functional aspects of the technology…


How AR, & VR Are Revolutionizing the Aviation & Aerospace Solutions Industry

Many industries, including the aerospace industry, have been reshaped by augmented and virtual reality, offering numerous advantages. This technology is increasingly used in defense, space, and commercial aviation for various purposes, such as safety, simulation, battlefield imaging, training, enhancing the customer experience, and commercial aviation operations.


Aerospace Engineering Services – Brochure

Executive Summary The aerospace and defense industry around the globe has been experiencing various challenges


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