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Top Engineering Considerations to Build and Scale
Edge AI and Autonomous Machines

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Autonomous machines leveraging deep computer vision are most popular use case of Artificial intelligence. Global autonomous machines and robotics market is projected to reach at $170 billion by 2027 with CAGR of 13.5%. These span mission critical industry applications like warehousing, manufacturing, medical, and consumer & hospitality product development.

In this webinar, we have covered “Top engineering considerations in building and scaling Edge AI and autonomous machines”. You will discover key practical challenges in designing autonomous machines and how to resolve them.

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Silas Mark

Client Principal, Edge AI & Autonomous Machines, eInfochips

Silas Mark is responsible for engineering services business development in the Edge AI & Autonomous Machines segment at eInfochips – An Arrow Company. In this role, Silas helps companies in this segment to accelerate time to market through design, development, integration, and managed engineering services. Prior to this role, Silas spent over two decades in sales, strategy, M&A, management consulting and partner management at Digital Equipment, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard. Silas holds an electronics engineering degree from India and an Executive MBA from Boston University.

Somasundaram Shanmugasundaram

Data Scientist, eInfochips

Somasundaram Shanmugasundaram works as a data scientist at eInfochips – an Arrow company. He has over seven-and-a-half years of experience working in digital image processing and artificial intelligence. He’s worked on building, optimizing, and deploying convolutional neural network-based classification, object detection, and segmentation models onto edge devices. He’s currently doing research and development in evaluating, benchmarking, and porting various machine learning models required for autonomous mobile robot applications on NVIDIA platforms. Somasundaram completed his M.S. at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He loves to play cricket and football.

Margaret Amori

Inception Regional Manager, North America, NVIDIA

Margaret Amori is responsible for the North American startup ecosystem within the NVIDIA Inception Program. In this role Margaret leads a team that identifies startups to join the Inception program, nurtures those startups through engineering support, technology access, connection to VC funding and ultimately accelerates their success in market through customized support. Prior to this role, Margaret spent nearly two decades supporting the US government on a variety of IT transformations to include data center consolidation, virtual infrastructure, cyber security, and artificial intelligence. Margaret holds a bachelor’s degree from The College of William & Mary and a master’s degree from Virginia Tech.

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Engineering and R&D leaders / CTO/ Solution and technology architects developing
autonomous solutions

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