Wireless Connectivity Test
Automation Framework

The number of IoT devices that are wirelessly inter connected with each other are increasing at an exponential rate. Due to different wireless protocols, testing end to end connectivity for these IoT devices has it’s own set of challenges like industry specific test requirements, and real-time environment simulation. eInfochips has developed common test automation framework to address the different wireless connectivity tests which includes Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity test automation framework is used to validate applications and device in a set of repeatable scenarios required to certify against defined wireless protocol standards. This means a fully controlled, simulated, virtualized environment (from the network to the end device) for device/application under test.  Wireless connectivity test automation framework helps orchestrate complex test automation for wireless protocol validation.

The framework is flexible, easy to port and configurable for any wireless product automation test suite. It is extensible framework to create and execute test suites. It has robust reporting mechanism to display the wireless product test coverage, test results as well as defect reporting.  Test Coverage includes device-to-device, sensor integration, protocol compatibility, functional, load/stress, performance and penetration testing. It offers continuous testing by developing Jenkins and Gradle based CI automation which can leverage the GitFlow source-code and branching protocol. Zephyr is integrated with Jira to provide test execution and coverage reports. The automation framework reduces wireless testing connectivity efforts upto 40%

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