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Enabling Digital Transformation with the Power of Cloud

The compelling need to quickly scale digital solutions at a global level, deliver high-quality software, attain a greater market share, and move from Capex to Opex models has brought the focus on cloud adoption.

eInfochips has been working with Fortune 500 companies to consult and define the right cloud strategy through our Cloud Assessment framework. We then create an implementation roadmap with service and deployment models. Once the implementation is complete, we provide cloud infrastructure and operations management and support, ensuring scalability, availability, and performance.

We have led strategic cloud initiatives such as cloud-native design and development, transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture, building cloud-agnostic solutions, enterprise cloud migration, and cloud optimization for TCO reduction.

Why eInfochips for Cloud Services?

Preferred Partner for Large-scale Cloud Transformation Engagements across Diverse Industries.

Delivered End-to-end Solutions with Azure and AWS Cloud Platforms, Enabling scale up to 100M+ Connected Devices.

Strategic partnership with established cloud service providers

Impact on Customers’ Key Business Metrics with Cloud Expertise, such as 50% Reduction in TCO and TTM, Monetization of Additional Revenue Streams, and Enabling New Business Models.

Expertise in 70+ DevOps/CloudOps Tools.

Team of 500+ Engineers Supporting Azure/AWS-based projects, Including 100+ Azure/AWS Certified Experts.

Key Offerings

Cloud Strategy Consulting
Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Native Development
Cloud Operations


PropelTM Azure based IoT Platform Accelerator

Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment Framework (SCMAF)

Snapbricks Cloud Optimization Assessment Framework (SCOAF)

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

AI Enabled Connected Healthcare

Azure-based connected health platform development including cloud IoT, AI enablement and mobile applications

Case Study

AWS IoT Platform Development for Smart Home

Case Study – Modernizing the legacy architecture by migrating to a highly scalable, fault-tolerant microservices architecture on AWS leveraging container technologies for enabling faster delivery…

Case Study

CloudOps for Connected Fuel Dispensers

Uptime Improvement From 97% to 99%

Case Study

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