Increasing demand for heavy-duty and multi-utility vehicles for use in recreational & adventure sports, construction, agriculture, and military applications has led OEMs to invest in the latest technology and innovative product development. Vehicle electrification, autonomous operations, connected vehicles and telematics are some of the key technologies shaping up the off-road industry.

eInfochips has vast experience in the automotive and aerospace industry and delivered safety-critical product design programs. We can offer comprehensive solutions for off-road vehicle engineering including ADAS, Infotainment Systems, Telematics, V2V/V2X, EV charging Battery Management Systems etc.

Why eInfochips for Off-Road?

Silicon-to-Software capabilities  best-in-the-world hardware-software integration expertise to cater to evolving automotive landscape – Software Defined Vehicles, Cybersecurity, Digital Cloud

Safety critical product design – Over 90% of aerospace projects executed with DAL A compliance; 20+ years of experience in safety-critical product development across Aerospace, Medical and Automotive
Certified SMEs in the areas of ISO26262 Functional Safety and Cybersecurity; ASPICE v3.1 certified Member of AUTOSAR consortium
In-depth experience with Telematics and Fleet management solutions Turnkey and Award-winning EV charging solutions development expertise
Well-versed with Automotive best practices & standards including AUTOSAR, Functional Safety (ISO26262), ASPICE and more
Early access to emerging technologies through platform partnerships with Infineon, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, NXP, Texas Instruments, etc.

Key Offerings

Vehicle Electrification
Infotainment & Cluster
Connected Vehicles
Telematics & Vehicle Diagnostics

IPs / Frameworks

If possible pls skip this section as we don’t have Automotive vertical-specific IPs/Accelerators/Frameworks. There is 1 IP viz in development at the moment.

Reference Designs & EVMs

IoT Interoperability IPs

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

Case Study

Advanced Driver Assistance System SW Development

Safety systems play very important role in the mass adoption of next-gen automobiles like autonomous…

Case Study

End-to-end Product Engineering for a Telematics Device

Case study – Turnkey development of a telematics black box for heavy commercial vehicles…

Case Study

Electric Vehicle Charging Station for eMobility

Case study – A complete design & development of next-generation electric Charging Station for eMobility…

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