Testbed for Avionics

The Avionics software verification is one of the most challenging and time-consuming process, especially for systems like Flight Displays, Navigation and Engine Monitoring which are most critical for the safety of the Flight and comes under the classification of Design Assurance Level (DAL) – A. The verification of such systems involves numerous analysis and regressive test cycles, which if not automated, drives overall cost of the project higher.

eInfochips has developed an integrated test framework for avionics systems to accelerate the verification process. eInfochips Testbed For Avionics (eITFA) automates the most time consuming verification activities like Structural Coverage Analysis (SCA), frequent data load operations, Platform Software and C/C++ Based applications’ verification test procedure development, test procedure automated test executions on multiple LRUs.

Features & Attributes

  • ARINC-615 Dataloader
  • ARINC-665 Mediaset Creator
  • Proprietary DO-330 certifiable Structural Coverage Tool for SCA
  • Statement and branch coverage support compatible with DO 178C DAL-C coverage analysis
  • Simultaneous upload and download from multiple LRUs
  • Dynamic Test Procedure execution
  • Easy configuration and connection
  • Automated periodic test execution
  • Automated structural coverage report generation
  • SCA, Dataload, Continuous Integration and Test Framework integrated in one tool
  • Intuitive, customizable, and scalable graphical interface

Software Verification framework

Features and Attributes

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