Robotics and Autonomous Machines

Organizations across industries are finding ways to increase automation to improve processes, efficiency, and safety. From repetitive tasks on the factory floor to activities in agriculture, logistics, hospitality, and more, the use of autonomous machines and robots (AMRs) is changing how business gets done.

An autonomous machine or robot uses a sophisticated set of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing to plan its path and navigate through its environment. It employs navigation techniques like collision avoidance to slow down, stop, or reroute its path around objects, and then continue with its task.

eInfochips has established a Robotics Centre of Excellence (CoE) and assembled a proficient team of subject matter experts specializing in hardware design, sensor integration, AI/ML and camera development. As a strategic partner to renowned platform providers such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm, NXP, and ADI, our team has successfully developed various proofs-of-concept (POCs) by leveraging  robotics-specific hardware and software toolchains offered by these companies.

Why eInfochips for Robotics and Autonomous Machines?

Strategic Partnerships with technology leaders including NVIDIA, Qualcomm, NXP and ADI

Availability of Modules, Evaluation Kits and POCs for AMR deployment

Comprehensive expertise in Robotics Operating System (ROS)

State-of-the-art infrastructure, including Hardware Lab, Image Tuning Lab and Wireless/RF Testing Lab

Extensive experience in AI/ML, including model development and training

Partnership with Amazon and Microsoft for cloud enablement

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Development Kits and Modules

Qualcomm – QRB5165 Robotics Platform

NVIDIA® Jetson

NXP – i.MX93 Development Platform

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Autonomous Machines – Technologies and Platforms to look out

Today, the finances and resources spent on research and development in robotics and automation technology have seen an exponential increase. With advancements in technology, we have seen the adoption of robots across various sectors including industrial, manufacturing, consumer, and many more. The adoption of highly efficient robots will also help in addressing the skilled labor shortage in near future.


Firmware Development for Robot Vacuum

Case Study – eInfochips helped in Embedded Linux based firmware development and also ensured the compatibility for future products. eInfochips is also helping…

Case Study

Vision-based Pool Cleaning System

Executive Summary The client is focused on smart, sustainable water solutions for residential, commercial and

Case Study

Wi-Fi Connectivity Testing for Robotic Lawnmowers

Executive Summary The client is a world’s leading technology group and solution provider in the

Case Study


Face on Edge: Real Time Face Recognition on Eragon/Snapdragon 845

Face on Edge: Real Time Face Recognition on Snapdragon 845

Extreme value machine: An algorithm for open set classification

Extreme Value Machine: An Algorithm for Open Set Classification


Trends and Technologies to Enable Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for Enterprises

AI powered solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Automation

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