RDM (Remote Device Management)
SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform

eInfochips RDM (Remote Device Management) as a Service (SaaS) platform enables you to manage, configure, monitor, update, diagnose, and deploy your gateways, sensors, and devices remotely. It provides a framework to support the following features.

  • Support for different network protocols (e.g. REST/HTTP, MQTT) for management of custom device types
  • Open for implementation of additional management protocols, business logic extensions, and user interfaces
  • Open and easy to integrate with an existing management system through an extensive set of APIs: Java, web services (SOAP, REST)
  • Advanced gateway, device, and software management: mass-management operations (bulk device configuration and provisioning), software repository (inventory of device software and configuration settings), stand-alone and web-based administration interface, end-to-end security (user authentication and authorization, network communication, certificate management), advanced load balancing, scalability, and high availability (cluster support)
  • Enables the following use cases: platform, application & service lifecycle management (remote installation, updating, uninstallation, configuration – over the air(OTA)), firmware & file update, remote content management, remote configuration & provisioning, remote monitoring & diagnostics (status checks, logging, monitoring, etc.), and remote security administration

eInfochips distinctive RDM(Remote Device Management) as a Service(SaaS) platform is built on the following modules:

  • IoT(Internet of Things) Gateway
  • Data Management
  • Content Management
  • Predictive Maintenance through Machine Learning
  • DevOps(Infrastructure Provisioning, Configuration & Deployment as Code)
  • User Interface including User Management, User Authentication & Functional workflows

Given below is the architecture for the RDM as a Service framework

The above modules of the platform have a highly distinctive capacity to rapidly prototype & implement IoT / RDM solutions via ready to use connection to Edge data SDKs, Cloud app connectors, Data storage repositories, Data Processing framework, Machine Learning Models & integration with a Rich & Role based User Interface(UI). The Platform also has a framework which provides an Automated DevOps pipeline to provision & configure the required Infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The framework leverages the below technologies and provides ready connectors, templates for rapid development.


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