Snapbricks DevOps Maturity
Assessment Framework (SDMAF)

Digital transformation comprises of several elements, including distributed applications, distributed end-points like smart devices, mobile, web, cloud etc., and distributed teams.

Today, almost all progressive organizations are adopting DevOps to break barriers between development and operations teams, and to realize the operational efficiencies with reduced cost of rework.

However, only a few companies are aware of their DevOps practice maturity at people, technology and processes levels.

Snapbricks DevOps Maturity Assessment Framework (SDMAF)

eInfochips’ data-driven Snapbricks DevOps Maturity Assessment Framework (SDMAF) is based on 100+ code to release metrics across the development life cycle, comprising of Build, Deploy, Release, Test, and Monitor stages.

Each stage comprises of a set of questions to assess the DevOps maturity of that particular phase and provides suitable recommendations to improve and move to the next maturity level. The framework is based on five maturity levels aligned to CMMI capability maturity, i.e. Initial, Managed, Defined, Measured and Optimized.

Key Offerings

The assessment comprises of two phases.

In the first phase, eInfochips’ DevOps Solution Architect works with the customer to discover the scope, business goals and technical landscape. Next the DevOps architect gather inputs on each of the Build, Deploy, Release, Test and Monitor stages of the development lifecycle. At the end of two weeks, DevOps architect provides the DevOps As-Is process for each stage using the above DevOps Assessment Framework.
In the second phase which lasts for four weeks, eInfochips’ DevOps Solution Architect and Technical Lead create a detailed DevOps assessment report covering DevOps To-Be Process, recommendations, tools, cost, benefits and a detailed implementation plan. Once the plan is accepted by the customer, eInfochips also helps the client in execution. The benefit/ROI is tracked along with the customer, once the new DevOps process is implemented.

Read a sample report to preview the scope of information you will receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on DevOps

A. DevOps is a clipped compound term which combines “Development” and “Operations” practices of IT software development, having originated in the mid 2000s among IT professionals looking for efficient and innovative ways to automate and speed up the process of software delivery. As a change agent, DevOps promotes a culture of collaboration and information sharing across the organization, a radical departure from the ‘silos’ of the past.

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