RPA Assessment Framework

Today, most organizations have embarked on the RPA journey but sometimes are unsure of the benefits they will incur after the process is automated.

In such a situation, eInfochips can help organizations in their RPA journey by first identifying and evaluating the right business processes suitable for Robotic Process Automation with clear business case and ROI analysis.

eInfochips engages with clients in a two-phase process:

In the first phase

process discovery is carried out in two weeks.  In this phase, eInfochips’ RPA architect engages with the customer and examines the process from suitability, value and risk perspectives.  At  the end of two weeks, RPA architect  determines the Degree of automation, Financial and strategic value gained and the risks associated.  RPA architect also maps the As-Is process.

In the second phase

which lasts for six weeks including a Proof of Concept, first a score based assessment for the process is carried out based on parameters like Employee involvement, Volume, Time, Repetitiveness and Complexity.

Final Stage

Finally RPA recommendations are provided to the customer along with a detailed RPA Assessment Report covering Strategy, Approach, Cost, Benefits, Target high-level architecture and detailed implementation plan. Once the plan is accepted by the customer, eInfochips also helps the client in execution. The benefit/ROI is tracked along with the customer, once the process is transformed with RPA.
Read a sample report to get a preview of the scope of information you will receive. Then sign up to get started.

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