Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment
Framework (SCMAF)

Cloud is making a huge impact in the way customers engage with connected products, access data, design platforms & applications, and manage network infrastructure. It is at the center of every digital transformation blueprint.

While enterprises realize the benefits of moving to the cloud, like operational cost savings, seamless performance and business scalability, many of them still struggle to define a clear cloud migration strategy

Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment Framework (SCMAF)

eInfochips’ Snapbricks Cloud Migration Assessment Framework (SCMAF) is designed to assist customers in evaluating their on-premise application(s) and workloads for cloud migration.

With proven methodologies and tools, our cloud experts engage with clients in a two-phase process:

In the first phase, an objective assessment for cloud migration is carried out in two weeks. A migration suitability analysis that helps determine the readiness of each application and prioritizes them for migration to the cloud is carried out.

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Cloud Migration Assessment for Smart Home Security System

Case study – AWS migration for a leading telecommunication company.

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