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eInfochips has been a strategic partner to the industry leaders looking to build products & solutions in video surveillance, AI based video analytics, biometric security, identity management and public safety. With a strong portfolio of IPs & reusable frameworks to accelerate the product development, eInfochips has delivered products that are deployed across various applications in smart homes & buildings, smart retail, city surveillance, transportation & logistics segment (including applications across residential, commercial, public transit, airports, military, law enforcement and government establishments).

Security and surveillance products developed by eInfochips have won more than 25+ awards at leading industry trade shows. The products deployed across 130+ countries include cameras, NVR/DVR, biometric access control terminals, video analytics, codecs and containers, and video management systems.

Why eInfochips?

Market Research

Market research to commercialization expertise

100+ Security & Surveillance Products

100+ security & surveillance products developed for our customers with 5M+ field deployments

Strong competency in Camera Design, Video Solutions and Vision based algorithms

Only services company to have designed 30+ cameras including IP/ Night Vision / 4K technology

Designed World’s first touchless biometric access control unit

Well established infrastructure & ecosystem- in-house image tuning lab, access to camera labs from Omnivision, Sony and OnSemi

Production ready

15+ Video IPs & SOMs optimized for embedded applications

Lifecycle Management for 100+ variants

Strong expertise in Face, Iris, Finger vein, Fingerprint, RFID, and NFC recognition

Strong expertise in Face, Iris, Finger vein, Fingerprint, RFID, NFC recognition

In-depth expertise on Qualcomm, NXP, Intel, NVIDIA and Ambarella platforms

Key Offerings

  • Custom camera design services
  • Image tuning
  • Product design services for Authentication and Access Control Systems
  • Video recorder (NVR/DVR) design
  • Multimedia codecs and containers development
  • Compliance with PSIA, ONVIF standards
  • AI/ML based advanced video analytics (e.g. face recognition, privacy masking, theft detection, smart parking, camera tampering, social distancing detection & more)
  • Video Management Solution
  • Video Surveillance solutions
  • PC/web/mobile Application development for configuration, remote monitoring & control
  • CloudOps, DevOps, 24*7 Managed Services


Video Management Software

Reusable Camera Framework

Success Stories

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