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Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fueling productivity, insights and experiences. Thus, Enterprises and innovators across Autonomous Machines, Robotics, Vision AI and Mixed Reality applications are increasingly adopting edge AI technologies. At the same time, Edge AI solutions development is becoming increasingly challenging to customers due to multiple factors such as high-compute requirement, limited access to edge AI chipsets, and stringent power consumption constraints.

eInfochips, Arrow Electronics and Qualcomm Technologies have expanded their strategic collaboration with the establishment of “Edge Labs” – a Center of Excellence (CoE) – to help customers accelerate the development of connected intelligent edge devices. “Edge Labs”, with dedicated solution architects and engineers, will develop “Aikri” portfolio of Qualcomm Technologies based SOMs and dev kits, and offer design services.

The strategic arrangement between Qualcomm, Arrow and eInfochips is Edge Labs. Earlier we had a standard partnership where we used eInfochips for design services and Arrow was one of our distributors but now there will be a combined effort to invest together in making solutions ready for market with eInfochips expertise which is called Edge Labs where we have Qualcomm resources and eInfochips’ resources building custom turnkey solutions and arrow distributing them as part of this whole plan.

Dev Singh,
Vice President, Business Development, Qualcomm Technologies

Application Specific AikriTM Products

Being a Qualcomm Technology partner, eInfochips has launched “Aikri” portfolio of Qualcomm Technologies based modules and development kits. The portfolio is based on the latest Qualcomm chipsets that are targeted for connected intelligent edge solutions for security, camera, robotics, industrial and healthcare verticals.

Featured Product

Aikri QCS6490: Aikri-64X-90AS-8 System-on-Module (SoM)

The SoM is powered by the Qualcomm® QCS6490 processor, a 6nm processor with superior performance, power efficiency and powerful computing. QCS6490 integrates Qualcomm® Kryo™ 670 CPU, Qualcomm® Adreno™ 643 GPU, Qualcomm® Adreno™ 633 VPU, Qualcomm Spectra™ ISP 570L and much more. The SoM is an ideal choice to kick-start development of Transportation & Logistics, Smart Warehousing, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare solutions.

eInfochips Qualcomm Based Service Offerings

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