Accelerating time to value on your digital transformation initiatives is often the critical success factor in sustaining the digital technology roadmap for an organization – in terms of resource investments as well as end user buy in. Companies often struggle in getting their IoT application workloads off the ground, especially with edge to cloud applications supporting connected device deployments. Common challenges faced include technology complexity, skill depth and availability and infrastructure provisioning and scaling.

eInfochips, with its strong partnership with Microsoft Azure on IoT solutions and services, has launched EIC PROPELTM to enable customers de-risk and expedite their IoT application development and release lifecycle through a phased approach involving the following steps.

  1. Initiate – Pre-built modules to drive requirement discovery and documentation for laying application foundation across architecture components from edge to cloud
  2. Pick n Choose – Pick and choose solution components and configurations from a predefined set of solution blocks, as per the requirements and constraints of the use case in scope
  3. Auto Provision/Auto Configure/Auto Deploy – Build and deploy in Auto Provision/Auto Configure/Auto Deploy approach across diverse environments (DEV, TEST, PROD) of enterprise technology infrastructure

Pre-built modules leverage technology assets across Microsoft’s Azure edge to cloud IoT portfolio spanning across edge integration, intelligence, and connectivity (IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Device SDK), cloud data management, analytics and user applications (Functions, WebApps, API Gateway, Event Hub, Stream Analytics, Data Lake, ML) and infrastructure operations (Kubernetes, Pipelines, Service Bus).

EIC PROPEL(TM) is an Azure based accelerator that de-risks and expedites your IoT application development and release lifecycle while also reducing project implementation effort by as much as 30%!
Typical implementation approach is sprint based to ensure the functionality is built and delivered incrementally.

Key Features

Development Roadmap

EIC PROPELTM is also being augmented with new features such as vertical specific AI/ML offerings, blockchain based digital workflows etc.

Please reach out to us to know more about the solution and explore how it can accelerate your IoT implementation projects.

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