Accelerating time to value in digital transformation is crucial for sustaining a technology roadmap, impacting resource investments and user buy-in. Companies often struggle with IoT application workloads, especially edge-to-cloud applications for connected devices. The diverse range of devices and protocols complicates integration, thereby increasing development costs. Inadequate security measures expose vulnerabilities, risking data breaches and disruptions. Additionally, the influx of data from multiple sources complicates meaningful analysis due to data silos, posing significant challenges for effective IoT implementation.

With the growing number of devices and increasing data volume, scalability becomes a critical issue, requiring significant investment and strategic planning for sustainable growth. Implementing standardized security protocols and data management practices is essential for overcoming these challenges and ensuring operational resilience.


EIC PROPEL™ is a Remote Device Management, Data, and Twin Visualization Platform that helps businesses manage connected assets efficiently. The platform supports various devices and sensors, scales with business growth, and stays updated with the latest IoT standards. It offers flexibility, security features, data visualization tools, and seamless integration capabilities, ensuring that businesses can tailor it to their needs while benefiting from efficient operations and valuable insights. Key advantages include vendor independence, cost-effectiveness, accelerated development cycles, future-proof investment, customization, and advanced technology integration.

EIC PROPEL™ is a core component within the comprehensive Conxero suite. While EIC PROPEL™ provides a powerful and adaptable solution for managing connected assets, Conxero offers the resources needed to develop a complete end-to-end IoT system.

Key Features

IoT RDM Platform

  • Asset Modelling, Asset Life Cycle Management and Asset Operations
  • Data Management & Data Operations
  • IoT Security
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Field Support App
  • Device Agnostic IoT Backend Pipelines

Data Visualization Platform

  • Widget & Data Store Implementation
  • Aggregations & Dashboard Display
  • Comprehensive Event Management
  • APIs for Multiple Data Sources
  • Configurable Notifications & Automated Actions
  • Azure Data Explorer Integration

Twin Visualization Platform

  • 3D Scene Import, 3D Twin Modeling, Instance Creation, Instance Mapping with 3D Scene
  • Define Behavior / Visual Rule Conditions
  • Conditional Visual Behavior Setup
  • User Access Provisioning

Why EIC Propel for Remote Device Management, Data, and Twin Visualization?

Enterprise-grade security features built in, ensuring the protection of data and systems

Reusability of up to 75%, with a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 50%

Faster time to market by up to 40%

Transparency, accessibility, and customization options to tailor the solution to specific needs

Managing 100M+ connected product deployments across various industry applications

Adaptable and applicable to a wide range of use cases across multiple industries

Why Choose EIC PROPEL™

Vendor Independence

  • Works with devices and sensors from any manufacturer or communication protocol
  • Avoids vendor lock-in, providing flexibility in hardware choices

Future-proof Investment

  • Emphasizes adaptability, modularity, and open-source principles for future-proofing
  • Customizable for diverse IoT applications

Customization and Control

  • Open-source nature allows users to customize the platform to specific requirements
  • Provides transparency and control over the technology stack

Cost-effectiveness at Scale

  • 50% savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced development costs through a dedicated accelerator program
  • Significant cost-effectiveness, especially for larger deployments

Improved Development Efficiency

  • Up to 75% reusability with modular components
  • Faster time to market by up to 40%
  • Enhances code reuse, improving overall project efficiency

Advanced Technology

  • Asset Modeling simplifies device onboarding and management
  • Adapts to changes in device configurations or integrates new sensors

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