Corporate Social Responsibility

Ignited to Inspire Sustainability and Societal Change

Building a Better Tomorrow for Everyone

At eInfochips, we strongly support our core value of ‘Serving Society’ and believe in directing all efforts towards the betterment of employees, society, and our planet altogether.

We harness the success of our business with an unflinching focus on being utterly responsible for the need of our societal ecosystem. Every step of our organization is integrated with our core values. We aspire to be a responsible global leader in the industry that inculcates the tenet of inclusiveness, sustainability, and community development to build a better future for everyone.

Verticals of our CSR efforts

Giving back to society

Inspiring happiness and joy in our community with little effort of giving back to society.

Planet Sustainability

Taking steps towards building a healthy and safer planet for future generations.

Inclusive Ecosystem

Building a workplace with equitable opportunity for everyone with a culture of trust and transparency.

Highlights of our efforts

Joy of giving

There is indescribable bliss in the joy of sharing and giving back to society, and we never miss a chance to embrace it.

To celebrate the Joy of Giving, we arranged a Christmas celebration in partnership with The New Hope Foundation. Our chipmates brought smiles to the people of Pardhol Village by being Santa and distributing blankets and toys while experiencing the true essence of caring and sharing.

Waste Donation Drive

Even in the era of corporate capitalism, eInfochips understands the social responsibility toward our people and our planet.

In collaboration with recycle. GREEN organized a “Waste Donation Drive’ where our chipmates enthusiastically participated and donated a considerable amount of waste for CSR activities.

The collected waste was sent for recycling & the amount generated was used to donate eco-friendly products to underprivileged communities.

Ek Kadam Aapke Sath

Free ration for the community in need was organized by eInfochips.

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