Webinar: Enhancing Voice Assistants using
VUI, NLP and Cognitive Voice Testing

In recent years, voice user interface or VUI is quickly gaining attention over conventional touch-based UI, allowing users to interact with devices and their applications through voice commands.

According to Google UK, 75% of consumers said they search more now and they use voice search, while 83 % of consumers agree that voice capabilities will make it easier to search for things and 89% believe voice will enable users to find things more quickly.

VUI technologies have reached a point where understanding of user’s intent, and not mere words, will make or break the “WoW” factor in user experience. In order to create an effective VUI system, the design engineers need to overcome the complex challenges in comprehending the user’s intent and the intricacies in human communication.

On the other hand, VUI Testing also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Apart from the regular types of testing methodologies like unit, system, integration, performance, endurance, etc., testers also need to ensure that VUI has been tested for different languages and multiple commands/utterances for the same skill. The number of test cases can become exponentially higher for normal manual testing.

Topics covered

Who will benefit from the webinar?

Product managers / Engineering leaders with digital technology portfolio

Solution and technology architects in digital engineering

Engineers in design, development, and testing of voice assistants

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