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Companies are evolving and moving to futuristic business models enabled by new technologies. The cost and risk of change are significant given the velocity and scale of digital transformation that is required by companies to stay competitive. High-cost deployments, operations management and large Capex investments in IoT infrastructure without clear ROI understanding are other challenges faced by enterprises.  Also, it is difficult to find right mix of skillsets for a seamless IoT implementation. High risk related to implementation of complex technologies, multiple layers of hardware and software, protocols or interoperability as well as integration of fragmented solutions from different vendors are other challenges related to IoT and connected devices use cases.

Service providers therefore can help by offering a suite of accelerators and reusable assets to de-risk and speed up digital transformation implementations while lowering cost and complexity for their clients.

What is Conxero

eInfochips Conxero is set of 3000+ assets comprising services, solutions and platforms that enables companies to evolve their connected products into the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation journey while scaling their cloud-enabled products or services. Conxero provides comprehensive support for everything from Device to Cloud with integrated plug and play components.

Enterprises can have ready access to a growing portfolio of business, knowledge and technical assets including horizontal platforms, vertical solutions, services and technology specific frameworks and accelerators to increase their business value as well as respond to rapidly changing market needs.

Why eInfochips for Conxero?

Enabling edge intelligence on various hardware platforms

Providing intelligent cloud – AWS, AZURE, IBM Watson, MindSphere, and Google Cloud

Managing 100M+ connected products deployments across industry applications

Diverse connectivity protocol experience spanning Wi-Fi, BLE, RFID, Zigbee, Z-Wave, BACnet, Modbus and Profibus

eInfochips Conxero is set of 3000+ assets comprising services

Companies are evolving and moving to futuristic business models enabled by new technologies

Why choose Conxero?

Reduce Time to Market

Ready to launch applications in days with plug and play components

New Business Models

Enables As-a-Service business model opening new revenue stream


End-to-End deployment ready platform/solution reducing the need to integrate solutions from different vendors and disparate technologies

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Companies can co-create solutions rapidly with eInfochips while maintaining solution ownership.

Reduced Total cost of Ownership

Lower TCO with cloud first business centric platform/solutions from different vendors and disparate technologies

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

Connected Cloud Platform for Ophthalmic Device

Executive Summary The client is a leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics

Case Study

EV Charging Management Platform Development

Executive Summary The client is one of North America’s original vehicle electrification providers and a

Case Study

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