Devices and systems engineering has witnessed a phenomenal growth from an earlier era of micro-controllers to the latest technological advancements in processors, sensors, connectivity, protocols, and embedded software. This has created a huge market for sophisticated end applications such as wearable devices, smart home appliances, 3D printers, self-driving cars, virtual & augmented reality applications, and so much more. Stiff competition and commoditization are forcing players to develop and launch innovative products and solutions.

eInfochips works as a co-development partner for many product companies, across multiple industry verticals, custom services in embedded systems development. Our focus on engineering innovation and excellence has enabled us to realize many revolutionary product designs and solutions for our clients. In addition to innovation, eInfochips also offers value engineering, sustenance and transformation solutions for multiple products.

Your Product Transformation Partner

Today’s business environment mandates that companies be more agile and efficient in their business operations. Disruptive technologies, changing user base, shorter product cycles & multiple variants, and newer business opportunities propel companies to continuously evolve to stay relevant in the market.

The product transformation practice from elnfochips is a unique offering in the industry, enabling clients to maximize the lifespan and opportunities with the existing product line, by rapidly adopting and migrating their solutions to newer technologies and enhancing the customer experience through a data-driven product development approach. 

100% Pure product engineering company

Platform Partner Names – Qualcomm, Nvidia, NXP, Ambarella, Analog Devices Infineon, Renesas, Texas Instrument, Microsemi
Complete ownership of product life cycle

Device to digital expertise

500+ Products, 5000+ Variants, 40M Deployments, 140 Countries

Experts in advanced technologies – IoT, M2M, Low power design, AI/ML, NLP

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