Why eInfochips?

eInfochips is a dynamic and global company with countless opportunities for career development. We believe that our success lies upon the skills and quality of our talented resources. Hence, we inspire our people to successfully unleash their full career potential synergized with our business growth.

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    At eInfochips, you get a chance to work on cutting edge technologies. With more than 70% engagements in new product development, eInfochips provides a perfect platform to experience latest technology developments.


    eInfochips offers world-class work environment and ample opportunities to execute the most challenging assignments, thereby paving the way for professional growth. Top performers are recognized and promoted as per their abilities and aspirations.


    eInfochips arranges on-the-job and off-the-job trainings designed for employees at all levels. We have a dedicated training academy, eITRA (eInfochips Training and Research Academy) which has tie-ups with leading universities such as IIT Mumbai, Birla Institute etc.

    Community Service

    At eInfochips, we believe in engaging with the community, and all initiatives are handled by Dr. K. R. Shroff foundation. Besides individual contributions by employees, eInfochips pledges 1% of net profits towards community development initiatives each year. eInfochips has committed time and resources for uplifting  lives of one million children by 2023 through Education.

    Core Values

    At eInfochips, our foundation of conducting business is laid upon a set of strong values that we imbibe in our daily life. To inculcate these values in our employees, and incentivize and reward when they exhibit any of these 5 values. A glimpse into our customer endorsements and appreciation emails would reflect on how perfectly aligned they are with these 5 values.

    Customer First

    We believe that our customers are persistently in pursuit to shape a society that makes our life efficient and accessible. Hence the products our customers embark on are part of an extensive journey that needs domain experts from the industry. Over the years, we have delivered multiple products for the highest level of criticality. Our customers have expressed their delight beyond the ‘voice of customer’ emails by sending personal gifts to our project teams.


    Disciplined Execution

    Do you know that the cost of re-spinning the ASIC for a multimillion gate ASIC layout is in millions of dollars? We work in product design, an industry riddled with complexity. And bridling the monster called complexity needs ‘Disciplined Execution’. Disciplined execution means doing the right things using the right processes and practices that drives flawless execution.

    Embrace Impossible Challenges

    We believe that challenges are the key drivers of success. If someone deems them as impossible, it only makes the endeavor more meaningful. One of our earliest challenges was setting up a product and semiconductor engineering company in Ahmedabad in 1994, when there was no ecosystem or infrastructure to speak of. Our clients keep coming with many such requests – like “We would like to reduce the BoM of this product by 60% for emerging markets” or “We would like to pack this OB van into a satchel”. All we like to say, “Bring it on”.


    Self-improvement through continuous learning

    At eInfochips, we never stop learning. Over the years, we have established multiple training modules for technical and soft skills to ensure there is a continuous individual development plan in place for all employees. Our leadership programs focus on mentorship and offers employees to embody complete ownership of any task they do. As a commitment, 3% of eInfochips revenues are re-invested into its people.

    Serving society through Technology

    Technology has changed the way mankind has lived for years. But we believe that, technology has far more greater role in contributing to the society. Hence, we play an active role to improving the safety and lifestyle of the needy through education. Every day we help underprivileged children get educated, and enable them to be self-sufficient. Our commitment is to impact lives of ONE MILLION underprivileged children by 2023.



    At eInfochips, we believe in engaging with the community, and all initiatives are handled by Dr. K. R. Shroff foundation. Besides individual contributions by employees, eInfochips pledges 1% of net profits towards community development initiatives each year. eInfochips has committed time and resources for uplifting  lives of one million children by 2023 through Education.

    Why Ahmedabad?

    eInfochips India Headquarters is located in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat and among the 19 fastest growing cities in the world. Located in the banks of the river Sabarmati the city played a crucial role in Indian independence movement due to Mahatma Gandhi. With architecture ranging from Indo-Persian to Post-Modern, the city is home to one of the oldest man-made lake in the country – Lake Kankaria

    Great Place to Work


    • Well connected by multiple international airlines
    • Air connectivity to major Indian cities less than 200 minutes


    • Reservoir of talent & skilled workforce
    • Top hirer among Tier 2 cities by offering 1.2 lakh new jobs in 2013

    Great Place to Live


    • Home to the prestigious institutes including Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-G), NIRMA, Centre of Environment Planning and Technology (CEPT), Gujarat Law College (GLS), and Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA)


    • Award winning Transportation Network – BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) for citizens to commute through the city
    • Inclusive System: Major landmarks within an hour distance from anywhere through cab
    Why Pune?

    eInfochips have established a global office in Pune, the second largest city in the state Maharashtra after Mumbai. Educational capital of the country with an affluent mix of Local & International students leads it to be often referred as the ‘Oxford of the East’. The climate of Pune is pleasant making it one of the most attractive investment destinations in the country.

    Great Place to Work

    • eInfochips’ Pune Office is in close proximity to our customers. Located in Magarpatta – the epicentre for Technology Companies such as Accenture, Amdocs, Mphasis, HCL, and the engineering center of Red Hat
    • Air connectivity to major Indian cities less than 200 minutes by air

    Great Place to Live

    • Acclaimed for Quality of Life and City System by Voice of India’s Citizen Survey conducted by Janaagraha, a non-profit organization in Bangalore
    • Houses prestigious educational institutes like University of Pune, Ferguson College, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and the National Defence Academy
    • Ranks high in Green City Index with 35% green cover
    Why Bangalore?

    eInfochips have established a global office in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka and the epicentre of Indian Technology movement. Bangalore is the second fastest growing cosmopolitan city in the country. Often renowned as ‘The Garden City’ due to the famous Botanical Gardens, it is among the Top 10 preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world.

    Great Place to Work

    • eInfochips’ Kormangala Office, located in the south-eastern part of Bangalore is the busy commercial center. The office is in close proximity to top product companies including Intel, ARM, Freescale, Cadence, Altera
    • Connected to 70% of global population in 5 hours

    Great Place to Live

    • India’s biggest technology hub and development base for companies including Accenture, Yahoo, Google, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, CA Technologies
    • Home to renowned educational institutes – Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B)
    • Strong Presence in Aerospace – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Semiconductor – Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA)
    • Pleasant and moderate climate all year around and the city of choice for expatriates in India
    • Contributes US $83 billion to overall country’s GDP
    Why Noida?

    Noida is a planned Indian Urban City located 20 Kms from national capital Delhi. eInfochips Noida office is located at the Noida Film City Center. Noida is often considered as one of the fastest growing and cleanest cities in India.

    Great Place to Work

    • eInfochips Noida office is located in Noida Film City picked for proximity to top product companies including Cadence, ARM, Freescale, Intel

    Great Place to Live

    • The location is also home to corporate office of major television & media companies including Zee Network, NDTV, Network 18, Today Group, Times Center, and Indian Express
    • Connected by the Delhi Metro System connecting cities including Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Delhi. Not to discount the connectivity to other industrial towns like Haridwar, Manesar, Faridabad and Lucknow
    • Major Educational Institutes including IIT Roorkhee, Birla Institute of Technology and the Amity Institute
    Why San Jose?

    eInfochips US Corporate Headquarters is located in Gateway Place, San Jose. The city of San Jose located in the Santa Clara County, California is one of the major cities for research, development and manufacturing of software and semiconductor to create Silicon Valley.

    Great Place to Work

    • Cradle of all new technologies and talent in the Silicon Valley
    • Headquarters to high tech companies such as Adobe, Altera, Cisco Systems, eBay and more

    Great Place to Live

    • San Jose is the largest city within the Bay Area and the largest city in Northern California.
    • San Jose, California has a mediterranean climate with dry warm summers and mild winters.
    • High speed, limited access transportation serving regional and countrywide travel