Multimedia and Digital Solutions

In recent times, multimedia systems have gained significant advancements due to the integration of technologies such as embedded platforms, cloud, IoT, and wireless connectivity to provide a high-quality and real-time multimedia experience. eInfochips has rich experience in handling multimedia content across audio, video, speech recognition, and image processing. By leveraging our expertise across the entire multimedia lifecycle (capture, process, store, stream, display) and innovative intellectual property (IP), eInfochips empowers you to create groundbreaking applications in infotainment, education, healthcare, gaming, and more.

Why eInfochips for Multimedia and Digital Solutions?

Comprehensive Multimedia Expertise in Audio and Video | Capture-Process-Store-Stream-Display

Expertise with Multi-core, Multi-DSP Transcoder for Video Applications

Real-time Video Analytics on Embedded Platforms

Experience with 30+ Camera Designs, with In-house 4K Reference Camera Design

Positioned in the Leadership Zone for “Engineering R&D” by Zinnov Zones

Featured as a “Key Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services Provider” by IDC

Key Offerings

Multimedia Integration & Optimization
Embedded Platforms
Image Tuning
Speech & Gesture Recognition
Video Analytics


Video Management Software

A fully federated cloud based VMS with a full suite of video analytics capabilities

Reusable Camera Framework

Accelerate your custom IP camera development with our re-usable firmware components/modules

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

Intelligent Video Conferencing Soundbar

Case study – eInfochips leveraging its strong experience on the latest embedded platforms helped with processor evaluation and proposed product…

Case Study

Smart Audio Solution for Next-Gen Sound Bar

Case Study – eInfochips delivered a smart audio solution based on Qualcomm® QCS4XX and supported the client with firmware development, testing, audio enablement for next-gen sound bar…

Case Study

Home Automation Console Development

Case study – Hardware design, manufacturing, and certification of Home Automation Console…

Case Study

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