Multimedia & Digital Solutions

eInfochips has a rich experience in creating and handling Multimedia content that includes video, audio, images, speech, and text. Multimedia and infotainment controls the ‘capture to consumption’ cycle for content, across many applications like Television and Broadcast, In-Vehicle / In-Flight Navigation and Infotainment, Mobile and Console Gaming, Digital Signage Displays, Social Media, Education and Healthcare. As we get habituated to absorb more ‘Visual and Audio’ content, we are touching more lives through various day-to-day gadgets and digital signage equipment. With a comprehensive portfolio of multimedia capture-process-store-stream-display lifecycle and innovative IPs, we enable advanced solutions in multimedia.

Why eInfochips?

Comprehensive multimedia expertise in audio and video | Capture – process – store – stream

Real-Time Video Analytics on Embedded Platforms

Experience with 30+ Camera Designs, with in-house 4K reference camera design

Expertise with Multi-Core, Multi-DSP Transcoder for Video Applications

Key Offerings

  • Content Creation: Across video, audio, text, graphics, animations etc. requires high-end software and integration of devices.
  • Content Compression: With an experience deploying encoders and containers for 50+ products, eInfochips maximizes efficiency in storage and communications in Audio and Video compression.
  • Content Communication: Efficient and low bandwidth real-time communication of content is enabled with cloud-based interfaces and industry-proven communication protocol stack IPs like RTP/RTSP and HLS
  • Content Consumption: Accurate content rendering with content decoding and display over various content formats and screen sizes, right from tiny device displays to large digital signage and bill boards.
  • Transcode and translate: Enablement of transcode and trans-rate of multimedia content to suit the consumption platform and viewer format. Enabled video-on-demand, adaptive streaming for variable bandwidth connections to optimally utilize the limited bandwidth.


Video Management Software

A fully federated cloud based VMS with a full suite of video analytics capabilities.

Reusable Camera Framework

Accelerate your custom IP camera development with our re-usable firmware components/modules.

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