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eInfochips, an Arrow company, is a leading global product engineering and semiconductor design services provider. With 500+ products developed and 40M deployments in 140 countries, we fuel technological innovations and improve customer experiences across multiple verticals.

eInfochips accelerates time to market for its customers with its expertise in IoT, AI/ML, security, sensors, wireless, cloud, and power. Our growth is driven by our passion and a strong commitment to our core values: Customer First, Disciplined Execution, Embracing Impossible Challenges, Continuous Learning, and Serving Society.

We have been recognized as a leader in Engineering R&D services by many top analysts and industry bodies, including Gartner, Zinnov, ISG, IDC, Nasscom, and others.

With over 210,000 customers and 22,000 employees worldwide, Arrow Electronics is a global provider of technology products, services, and solutions. Arrow provides guidance, finds solutions, and connects people with technology that makes life better. Arrow’s strategic direction of guiding innovation forward is expressed as Five Years Out, a way of thinking about the tangible future to bridge the gap between what’s possible and the technologies to make it happen.  Learn more about Arrow- https://www.arrow.com/company

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