Hardware Design Services

Electronic Design Services from Prototype – to – Production

The Hardware design is a critical aspect of any electronic product success, as there is a need for efficient and sleek enclosures which would appeal to end user aesthetic sensibilities and functional requirements.

With more than 25 years of experience in designing mission-critical and consumer-grade embedded hardware designs, eInfochips is well poised to make products which are smaller, faster, reliable, efficient, intelligent and economical. We have worked on developing complex embedded control systems for avionics and industrial solutions. At the same time, we have also developed portable and power efficient systems for wearables, medical devices, home automation and surveillance solutions.

eInfochips as an Arrow company has strong ecosystem of manufacturing partners who can help right from electronic prototype design, manufacturing, production, and certification. eInfochips works closely with the contract manufacturers to make sure that the designs are optimized for testing (DFT) and manufacturing (DFM) to reduce design alterations on production transfer.

Why eInfochips for Embedded Hardware Design Services?

Partnerships with leading silicon vendors

Partnerships with leading silicon vendors like Qualcomm, NVidia, Intel, TI, NXP, Microsemi, Altera and Xilinx.

FPGA based hardware designs

Multicore processor, multi-processor, FPGA based hardware designs.

embedded hardware design services

35+ Hardware Designs per year with 500+ total designs.

Prototype to production

Prototype to production ownership.

 quality embedded system design checklist

20+ Years’ experience codified to a 160-point quality checklist.

Standard-specific and CM-specific development.

ISO Compliance Design

ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485 and ISO16949 Compliance Design.

PCB and Embedded Systems Design

  • Architecture and Design
  • Component Benchmarking and Selection
  • Multicore, multiprocessor, GPU, FPGA based HW designs
  • Multilayer PCB design (32 Layers)
  • Design Review and Consulting
  • Functional Test, Stress Test and EDVT
  • Hardware Prototype Development and Testing
  • Product Certification and Compliance
  • Transfer to Production with CMs
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Value Engineering / BoM Optimization
  • Component Obsolescence Management
  • Electronic Design Automation


Reference Designs and EVMs

Accelerate your product prototypes and designs with our fully tested Reference Designs and EVMs.

Customer Success Stories

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