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Your one-stop engineering and innovation partner for all your product development needs.

Superior product development capabilities are a key differentiator for elnfochips in the services market. We work with you to conceptualize a well-defined product roadmap that aligns with your long term objectives, define key success metrics, design and develop the product, align the operating model to your product goals, and to optimize the business processes and systems.

From silicon to device to digital & quality engineering, elnfochips maps the entire journey of its clients in the product lifecycle, all the way from design thinking at conceptualization to product design & development to verification & validation, and from lotification of devices to Cloud & Big data services to Manufacturing & Sustenance.

Your Product Transformation Partner

Today’s business environment mandates that companies be more agile and efficient in their business operations. Disruptive technologies, changing user base, shorter product cycles & variants, and newer business opportunities propel companies to continuously evolve to stay relevant in the market.

The product transformation practice from elnfochips is a unique offering in the industry, enabling clients to maximize the lifespan and opportunities with the existing product line, by rapidly adopting and migrating their solutions to newer technologies and enhancing the customer experience through a data-driven product development approach. Typically, our product transformation clients involve us in

25+ years of experience- Building a nexus between devices and digital systems
500+ Products, 5000+ Variants, 40M deployments, 140 Countries​
75+ prestigious awards, 30+ World’s 1st designs
Accelerating product launch & release management by building reusable IPs
Higher ROI on product development
Well established ecosystem for Conceptual Design to Prototyping, Certification, Manufacturing, Reengineering and Obsolescence Management

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