Mobile App Maturity Assessment Framework

As part of eInfochips’ Mobility Consulting Services, we provide Mobile App Maturity Assessments to enhance user ratings, experience, and overall stability of mobile applications. The assessment occurs in two phases, beginning with the Discovery and Evaluation phase, during which eInfochips’ Mobility Architect defines the business goals, application scope, and identifies key stakeholders, followed by an assessment of the application based on specific parameters to create a discovery analysis document. The parameters are:
  • User Research and Feedback Analysis – Analyse existing user feedback, reviews, and app analytics
  • Competitor App Evaluation – Evaluate competitor apps to understand their features, user experience, and market positioning
  • Technical Assessment – App architecture, scalability, and performance
  • Feature Prioritization – Prioritize features based on needs, business goals, and technical feasibility
  • User Experience (UX) Review – Identify opportunities to enhance user experience through improvements in layout, visual design, and interaction patterns
  • Code optimization Assessment – Identify code level vulnerabilities
  • Performance Optimization – Evaluate the app’s performance metrics (loading time, response time, and battery usage)

In the second phase, the Mobility Architect and the Technical Lead provide recommendations to improve the mobile application features, technical architecture, scalability, UX, security, and performance. At the end of six weeks, we present a detailed Mobile App Maturity Assessment report covering the assessment process, findings, and recommendations.

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