IoT Cybersecurity Assessment Framework

As connected devices become pervasive, secure communication of sensor data to diverse applications on cloud as well as secure user access to edge, mobile and web applications has become a strategic and regulatory imperative for every organization.

With ever increasing attack surface and complexity of connected device networks, number of attacks across at the edge, communication as well as cloud layer are increasing in numbers and impact with financial and market reputational implications. IoT attacks have grown 3 to 5-fold in recent times, with distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks being one of the most common. Legacy system software poses another weak link leading to wide-spread exposure with zero-day vulnerabilities like Ripple20, recently reported by JSOF.

Why eInfochips for Snapbricks IoT Device Lifecycle Management?

Assessing IoT security solution maturity in terms of threats and vulnerabilities is a critical part of the IoT cybersecurity practice in enterprise context. Our IoT cybersecurity assessment service addresses this need systematically as detailed below.

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Assessment Framwork

With this structured approach to IoT cybersecurity, we enable our customers across industry verticals in ensuring secure solution deployments to complement the secure solution design.

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