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As organizations move towards their digital initiatives on operational efficiency, technology becomes an integral part of their strategy. The line between front and back-end development has started blurring and now the demand has moved towards full stack developers who can perform tasks across the entire technology stack right from UI/UX development, backend development, cloud, DevOps and data management.

eInfochips offers full stack development for stand-alone applications as well as product-based software. We have helped organizations across various industries develop smart home systems, video management software, IoT platforms or ecommerce websites with our full stack capabilities.

Why eInfochips for Full-Stack Development​?

Focus on developing superior microservices based architecture for scalability impacting business growth

Partnerships with AWS and Azure accelerating development cycle

Certified professionals on diverse full stack technologies

DevOps culture reducing time to market

Multi year digital transformation engagements with industry leaders

Champions in Cloudification

Key Offerings

Application Development
Data Management and Analytics
DevOps/Continuous Improvement

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

Full-stack Development of IoT Home Security Solution

End-to-end development of an IoT home security solution on a Microservices-based architecture with DevOps implementation…

Case Study

Full-stack Development of a Retail Solution

End-to-end development of a handheld scanner and software applications for computer-assisted ordering…

Case Study

Full-Stack Development for Consumer Electronics

Integration of Amazon Alexa to speakers and collection of device data to get business insights…

Case Study

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