Automotive IoT Solutions

The automotive IoT industry is witnessing a huge technological transformation enabling companies to move from traditional stand-alone systems to more connected solutions. Automobile makers are on a full throttle to enhance the consumer experience through innovations in body electronics, driver assistance, vehicle diagnostics, security, and safety systems.

To help them increase user experience and safety, eInfochips brings advanced automotive IoT solutions right from dashboard hardware, edge, and cloud-based analytics, to cloud and mobility enablement.

Why eInfochips for Automotive IoT Solutions?

Strong competency in Camera Design, Video Solutions and Vision based algorithms

Strong competency in multimedia solutions, including camera design, AV solutions, infotainment, vision-based algorithms and more

Expertise across Automotive

Expertise across Automotive operating platforms such as Android, Tizen, Linux, Windows Embedded, and QNX

Easy access to latest technologies

Easy access to the latest technologies through platform partnerships with Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Freescale, NVIDIA, etc.

Integration of Automotive domain

Integration of Automotive domain knowledge with expertise across silicon to mechanical and data analytics for a holistic solution

Key Offerings

  • Shared mobility and telematics: Dashboard devices to mobile enablement for a comprehensive fleet management
  • Connected cars: Maps integration, wireless V2I connectivity, sensor integration and cloud analytics
  • Solutions pertaining to electric vehicles: Charging of electric vehicle battery
  • ADAS and Semi-autonomous vehicles: Powered by LIDAR, RADAR, ultrasound sensors data through CAN, CAN FD, Wi-Fi, LVDS, FlexRay, MOST
  • Integrated cockpit: Digital displays and intuitive HMIs, multimedia processing for infotainment and more


IoT Device Lifecycle Management

Enabling device provisioning, management, monitoring, updates, and diagnostics in IoT networks.

IoT Interoperability IPs

Proprietary cloud delivered gateway stack with solutions for robust and secured IoT connectivity.

FAQs on Automotive IoT

01. What is Automotive IoT?

The term ‘automotive IoT’ refers to embedding IoT technologies into automotive systems to create new applications and solutions which can make vehicles smarter and more intelligent, facilitating safe, efficient and comfortable driving.

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