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Understanding P2P Networks How They
Access and Exploit Devices

Making a bug-ridden IoT device that is directly accessible to the internet is surely a bad idea. However, millions of IoT devices are still shipping with features that make them vulnerable the moment they come online, even in the presence of NAT and firewalls. P2P, or “peer-to-peer”, is a convenience feature designed to make the lives of users easier, but it has the undesirable side effects of making attackers’ jobs easier as well.

In this webinar you will find out

Topics covered

All about P2P – a convenience feature found in millions of IoT devices

How P2P exposes devices to the world

How the devices are exploited

eInfochips IoT security services overview


Malav Parikh

Cyber Security Expert, Investigation and Incident Response


Malav Parikh is a Cyber Security Expert at eInfochips. He has done certifications like CEH, CHFI, ECIH, DPO, IBM-CAD, 100W-ICS among others. Malav carries experience in security engineering, application security in web, mobile, IOT & Cloud, System and Network Security, Cryptography and Security Protocols.

Who will benefit from the webinar?

IoT Security, Managed Security, DevSecOps practitioners

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