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Powering Data Driven Insights

We are witnessing a quantum leap in the data generated by devices, systems, and users in the current IoT world. The need to make sense of this vast volume of information for intelligent decision-making using big data analytics is increasingly becoming critical for the organizations to stay ahead of the competitive curve. In this scenario, it essential for organizations to combine the data coming from devices with the enterprise and consumer data to generate meaningful actionable business insights for informed decision-making.

eInfochips, provides a wide range of big data services across the entire data lifecycle, from data acquisition, ingestion, aggregation, storage, processing, visualization and analytics, helping companies to correlate their data transformation investments with revenues.

Why eInfochips for Big Data Analytics & Consulting Services?


Over half a decade experience of handling OT + IT data complexity and scale


Solution mind-set encompassing Open source, Proprietary and/or Cloud

Focus on developing superior microservices based architecture for scalability impacting business growth

Investment in proactive assessments / data stack Optimization


100% Staff Certified on at least 1 Data Management Technology, reducing learning curve

Key Offerings


  • Architecture
  • Production readiness
  • Performance tuning
  • Health check


  • Cloud SaaS for migration
  • Legacy + Open source technology expertise

Platform Builds

  • Concept to reality
  • Architecture definition
  • Tools & technology evaluations
  • Design to sustenance lifecycle ownership
  • Post production support

Tools and Technologies

  • Data collection and aggregation – Microsoft SQL server Integration services, Kafka, Alteryx
  • Data storage and processing – MongoDB, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, AWS Redshift
  • Data visualization – Tableau, PowerBI, Jaspersoft, Amazon Quicksight

Success Stories

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