IP / VIP Development, Integration
and Verification

As chip-making companies strive for modularity, reusability, and faster time-to-market, Intellectual Property (IP)-based chip design has become increasingly prevalent. This approach enables faster time-to-market and efficient development of SoCs and ASICs.

Recognizing the significance of leveraging reusable IPs to streamline chip design processes, eInfochips collaborates closely with leading IP providers and EDA tool companies. This deep network grants you access to a vast library of pre-verified and market-proven IPs, perfectly suited for seamless integration into your design. Our team of experts then takes over, expertly integrating these chosen IPs, ensuring smooth functionality and optimal performance within your SoC or ASIC. Finally, we employ rigorous verification methodologies, developing and utilizing Verification IPs (VIPs) to thoroughly test your entire design. This comprehensive approach minimizes post-silicon bugs, accelerating your time-to-market.

Why eInfochips for IP / VIP Development, Integration and Verification?

IP hardening for leading EDA, processor, automotive amd set top box company

100+ bugs found in silicon proven IPs;
50+ bugs in VIPs In-built techniques for faster de-bug

30+ VIPs developed; Supported 50+ end customers

Expertise across methodologies & EDA Vendors

Strong experience in IP development and integration

200+ man years of VIP experience

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Verification of Fusion Processor

Case Study – As a start-up on the leading edge, they design revolutionary microcontrollers and fusion processors leveraging RISC-V architecture…

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Effective PHY Verification of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Sub-system

Memory systems have improved a lot in the past few years owing to increasing data digitization…

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Verification IPs – Design and Sustenance

Client is a leading EDA tool manufacturing company with an exhaustive portfolio of Verification IPs widely…

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