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Energy & Utility companies are undergoing a radical transformation – stringent regulatory reforms, resource constraints, aging metering infrastructure, renewable sources and need to embrace digital technologies for improving operational efficiencies. As per Deloitte latest research, more than 115 million “smart” electricity meters deployed at US customer sites since 2000 have reached end of life. Similarly, battery energy storage deployments are accelerated to reach 12 GW by 2024 due to grid load balancing and extreme weather events. Utilities are also gearing up to grab growth opportunities in EV segment by offering vehicle-to-grid and charging infrastructure development services.

eInfochips offers sustainable product design & engineering services including cloud-enabled smart energy meters development, battery energy storage and energy management solutions, IoT based platforms for remote asset management and predictive maintenance etc. We have designed award-winning projects for smart water management covering connected water meters and IoT platform development for water leakage detection and reduced per capita consumption by 25%.

Why eInfochips for Energy & Utilities?

Won ‘ISG Digital Case Study Awards 2022’ for a smart water management solution that led to achieving a 25% reduction in per capita water consumption

Expertise in Home Energy Management System (HEMS) development, Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) integration, and Energy Storage System (ESS) design

NXP’s preferred partner for battery management system (BMS) development and integration

Developed smart & connected Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions for water, gas, and energy utilities

Strong expertise in building rugged, robust products to withstand the harsh field environment

Sustainable engineering services for legacy modernization, product life cycle extension and improved energy efficiency

Key Offerings

Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Energy Management Solutions
Smart Water Management
Digital Transformation

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Smart Connected Water Meter Development and Cloud Enablement

Case Study – eInfochips helped the client develop a connected water meter solution with a technology platform stack spanning device, connectivity, cloud, and mobile…

Case Study

Effective Energy Management through Cloud Enabled Smart Metering

In the U.S.A, 20% of generation assets are used only for 5% of the time, that is, during the peak demands…

Case Study

AWS Platform Development for Smart Energy Management

Executive Summary The client is the world’s leading provider of solar, storage, and energy management

Case Study

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