Process Migration

At eInfochips, we offer a proven and comprehensive process migration service to streamline your chip designs. Our dedicated team of experts leverages their experience and established methodologies to guide you through technology node migration and tool flow/EDA methodology migration.

Technology node migration allows you to leverage the latest advancements by transitioning your designs to smaller, more power-efficient nodes. This translates to reduced die size and lower power consumption for your final product.

Tool flow and EDA methodology migration ensures a seamless transition to new design tools and methodologies, improving overall design efficiency and performance. Additionally, our expertise in IP (Intellectual Property) and partnerships with leading IP providers contribute to optimized designs with reusability in mind, further accelerating your time-to-market.

With a proven track record of successful silicon tape-outs, eInfochips is your trusted partner for achieving optimal chip design performance.

Why eInfochips for Process Migration ?

Complete ownership of FPGA based product development involving spec-to-design, RTL coding, verification, board validation and system installation

Taped-out 400+ ASICs, from 180nm to 3nm & beyond

Comprehensive checklist for database handoff: Netlist to GDSII in < 3 iterations; Tape out with schedule predictability

Dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SME) for Synthesis, STA, PnR, Physical Verification, Methodology & Tools

Experience with different types of PD flow, EDA tools and Foundries

Turnkey execution for derivative projects

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Physical Design on TSMC’s 16nm FinFET for SDN

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