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On-Demand Webinar on Trends and Technologies for
Next-Gen EV Charging Solutions

Webinar Overview

Electric vehicles (EVs) are being promoted at a rapid pace. Due to regulation in CO2 emission, the electrification of automobiles is progressing around the world. The global penetration of EVs has resulted in widespread use of charging stations. DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations are a backbone to widespread EV adoption due to their ability to charge EV batteries in a matter of minutes.

EV charge stations can be classified into 3 types: AC Level 1 – Residential Chargers, AC Level 2 – Public Chargers and DC Fast Chargers to support quick charge for the EVs. eInfochips with a strong focus on sustainability and carbon foot-print reduction, has invested significantly in this domain. eInfochips has also developed DCFC reference design that is compact yet powerful and built on the industry’s latest technologies and safety standards.

In this webinar, we have discussed

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Barrie Mullins

AVP Solutions, eInfochips


Barrie has 25+ years of product experience working with edge, embedded, and AI systems across multiple industries including industrial, automotive, robotics, storage, and communications. Previously, he led product strategy, management, and marketing team with multiple AI startups, NVIDIA, and Xilinx (now AMD), Eurolgic and Raidtec.

Barrie received his EE from the MTU, an ME from UCD and MBA from SCU and holds 3 patents.

Kartik Gandhi

Director Hardware Engineering, eInfochips


With a strong background in Security & Surveillance, Consumer and Industrial Electronics & Semiconductor, Kartik has more than 16 years of experience in providing solutions to leading security & surveillance, CE, Industrial & Semiconductor companies by leveraging latest technologies. Kartik holds a Bachelor in Electronics and Communications.

Who have benefited from the webinar?

Engineering leaders / CTO/ Product Managers looking to leverage Intelligent Test Automation

Solution and technology architects developing smart solutions

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