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With the increasing adoption of smart technologies into consumer devices like the smart hub, DIY home security cameras, and voice-controlled speakers, customers are looking to connect and integrate these products with other devices for a seamless connected home experience. Smart connected spaces should be able to provide functionalities that help in monitoring, control, security, and accessibility of the home/building/public spaces and their applications to the owner. However, seamless integration among heterogeneous products from different OEMs requires expertise in handling system complexity and process maturity.

eInfochips provides end-to-end solutions for smart spaces, across multiple segments like lighting, security, cameras, audio/video systems. As the connected device ecosystem expands, IoT enterprises face challenges in ensuring scalability, interoperability, connectivity, compatibility, and security of devices and networks. With strong expertise and in-depth knowledge in connectivity protocols and industry standards, eInfochips provides foundational technologies that forge solutions for addressing the connectivity and interoperability challenges and advance the progress towards providing a truly integrated home automation experience.

Why eInfochips for Smart Spaces?

Strategic alliances/partnerships with Qualcomm, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, NXP, Microsoft, and AWS
Strong IoT expertise, right from device connectivity to data control services
Cost savings and faster time to market through new age offerings like DevOps and Remote Device Management
Home Automation Solutions based on interoperability standards like OCF and IoTivity

Proprietary Voice Assistant Quality Automation (VAQA) framework to test virtual assistants

Featured as a key digital engineering and operational technology services provider by IDC

Key Offerings

New Product Introduction (NPI)
Sustenance and Value Engineering
End-User Applications – Web, Mobile
Managed Services

Success Stories

Accelerating potential every day

Case Study

Full-stack Development of IoT Home Security Solution

End-to-end development of an IoT home security solution on a Microservices-based architecture with DevOps implementation…

Case Study

IoT Test Automation of a Home Security System

End-to-end IoT test automation of a home security system, containing 80+ devices and peripherals using DevOps tools…

Case Study

Advanced Gateway Module Development for a Home Automation Solution

Case study – How we helped a leading US-based conglomerate develop a Gateway Module for its Home Automation Solution…

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