Multimedia Testing

Testing multimedia components, including video codecs, audio codecs, GPUs, and interfaces, presents challenges related to compatibility, performance, and reliability across platforms and devices. Video codec testing involves ensuring compatibility with various formats and resolutions, along with smooth playback and efficient compression. Audio codec testing focuses on maintaining quality and compression efficiency, while real-time audio processing adds complexity. GPU testing requires evaluating rendering capabilities and minimizing artifacts, while thermal and power management must be considered. Interfaces testing involves verifying compatibility, data transfer, and security. Comprehensive testing is necessary to ensure optimal performance and user experience across different scenarios and platforms.

eInfochips offer comprehensive multimedia testing services for Video Codec, Audio Codec, and GPUs. Our services include testing and verifying popular video codecs across multiple resolutions, refresh rates, and functionalities. We also conduct thorough testing for audio codecs, including compressed and uncompressed formats, multiple audio samples, and compatibility with various devices. Our GPU testing covers different API functionalities, benchmarking, stress testing, and assessing graphics rendering capabilities. With our expertise, we ensure optimal performance, compatibility, and user experience for multimedia components across platforms and devices.

Why eInfochips?

Certified in CMMI for Development V1.3 model, AS9100D, ISO 13485 & ISO 9001:2015 standards

Intelligent QA Methodology: data driven DevOps, covering business and engineering metrics

Silicon to Embedded Systems to Software experience

Risk based/Shift left testing approach: defect prevention at the early stages, reducing product costs

Unified Quality Management System with custom domain modules

Virtualization: test environment automation, robotic automation, sensor virtualization

Well-defined quality framework from project initiation to closure

Optimization of overall testing process including type of testing and resources

Key Offerings

Video Codec Testing
  • Multiple Resolution videos like 2k, 4k, 8k, refresh rates- 30 HZ, 60 Hz
  • Slow motion videos, fast forward, and fast backward functionality
  • 360 Rotating in Video playback
  • RAW video file (camera capture) with different format/resolution
  • Downscaling and Upscaling of videos

Types of Video Codec:

HEVC (H.265, AVC (H.264), MJPEG, VP9, AV1

Media Players:

VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, Movies TV Player, YouTube, Hotstar


Audio Codec Testing
  • Multiple Audio Samples
  • Verification of all the audio Codecs
  • Convert Audio Format Using Audacity; Online and Offline Audios
  • Verify and edit Recorded Audio
  • Live Audio Recording testing
  • Noise reduction and noise removal using Audacity


Bluetooth, USB, Type C, 3.5MM Jack- Headphones, Bluetooth speaker

Media Players:

Groove Player VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player


GPU Testing
  • Different types of API functionalities – DX9, DX10, DX11, Open GL and Vulkan
  • Multi-Tasking and Multi-Threading Benchmarks
  • 2D and 3D Image Benchmark
  • Analyze the benchmark scores/data
  • Geometrical Pipeline using Mesh Shader

Practical Scenarios:

bundle’s graphics demos, API graphics Demos, 2D and 3D dimension demos, analyze Dump, capture logs


Interface Testing
  • Video Graphics Array (VGA)
  • Digital Video/Visual Interface (DVI)
  • High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI)
  • Display Port (DP)

Display Connections:

HDMI 2.0 Cable, Display Port Cable

Display Monitors:

2K Monitor with 30Hz, 4K Monitor with 60Hz


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