January 2022

Understanding AUTOSAR Architecture and AUTOSAR COMSTACK

At present, cars have 100+ ECUs and each of them may comprise a thousand lines of code and functions. All this must be revised from scratch when the hardware (like microcontroller, sensors, etc.) is changed because software development is highly platform/hardware dependent. Learn how AUTOSAR standard helps overcome this problem.
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A closer look at OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) and its growing importance to the EV Charging Systems

OCPP has become a de-facto standard and an integral part of EV charging solutions development. Did you know? It has already been adopted by over 200 leading automakers & EV charging solution providers in 160 countries.
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Understanding the V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Communication

In the USA, in 2015, there were 8 million GPS and wireless devices that tracked fleet vehicles, drivers, field service workers, and assets in the field, but today there are over 16 million units, which has nearly doubled from 2015.
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IoT Fleet Management & Telematics- Use cases and Benefits

The digital evolution in dermatoscopy has happened with the rise in technologies like high-resolution imaging, AI, and connectivity. The imaging market is predicted to surpass USD 2.5 billion with a growth of 40% by 2024.
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Digital Transformation in Agriculture

With the adverse impact of climate change and the ever-increasing demand for agricultural output, leveraging technologies like IoT, AI/ML, mobility, and cloud for improving agricultural throughput is imperative. Such technologies are typically at the core of smart agriculture solutions.
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Case Study

Design & Development of EV Charging Station

LeLearn how eInfochips helped in end-to-end design & development of EV Charging Station for Residential and Commercial Applications. The client is an industry pioneer and a leading hardware provider of EV charging stations and cable management solutions in North America.
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