February 2022

Understanding P2P Networks – How They Access and Exploit Devices

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how network vulnerabilities in modern IP cameras, baby monitors, and even alarm systems are putting millions at risk of eavesdropping and having their personal information compromised. Learn how the vast number of IoT devices are vulnerable to attacks and how undesired actors exploit P2P networks. Book your seat today!
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Application Security Testing: API, Web, and Mobile App Vulnerability Detection

According to Forrester Analytics, the application security market is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 17.3% from 2020 to 2025 as organizations are focusing on application security enhancement in the entire enterprise software stack. Learn how our team of certified cybersecurity professionals take a ‘Evaluate, Remediate, and Maintain’ approach aligned to global standards.
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Importance of Cybersecurity in Healthcare and Medical Device

In healthcare, the patient’s health is a top priority, and it is increasingly reliant on medical devices and systems. Learn various types of cyberattacks and the role of cybersecurity and how the healthcare industry can improve it further.
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Static Test Case and Test Procedure Analysis Tool for Error Optimization in Verification Artifacts

Learn how the eInfochips team came up with a “Static Test Case and Test Procedure Analysis Tool” that enhances the quality of artifacts in verification projects and helps rectify the human errors introduced in it. With consistent use of this tool how team eliminated common findings, thus significantly improving artifact quality and work productivity.
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Digital Dermatoscopes – Redefining Skin Imaging Diagnosis with Advanced Imaging & Connectivity

The digital evolution in dermatoscopy has happened with the rise in technologies like high-resolution imaging, AI, and connectivity. The imaging market is predicted to surpass USD 2.5 billion with a growth of 40% by 2024.
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Case Study

Web & Mobile App for Smart Healthcare Services

Learn how eInfochips helped a UK-based healthcare service in design, development, and testing of the feature-rich connected application for web and mobile (Android & iOS) platforms and helped the customer reduce the total cost of ownership by 20% with the utilization of fully managed Azure PaaS Services.
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