May 2017

May 2017

eInfochips Launches Snapbricks (TM) Intelligent IoT Gateway, a Software Framework that Enables Multi-platform Edge to Cloud Solutions, at IoT World 2017

eInfochips, a global product engineering services firm, launches Snapbricks (TM) intelligent IoT gateway framework at booth #101 in IoT World 2017, May 16 – 18 in Santa Clara Convention Center. The intelligent IoT gateway framework is addressed to product and solution companies looking to securely cloud-connect and remotely manage their sensors, devices, and applications. Read More

7 reasons why IoT Device Lifecycle Management Platform is Essential for Connected Device Development

Many companies have to manage large volumes of interconnected devices, which is considered a major challenge. According to a Device Pilot study, about 88% of companies find device management as a major concern and are incorporating methods to manage their devices seamlessly. In such a scenario, a platform is needed to manage all on-field devices with ease. This is where device lifecycle management comes handy.  Read More

Why it is time for Fleet Management companies to deploy Cloud Video Management Software?

Fleet Management companies are constantly looking for solutions to optimize their fleet operations and productivity. To remotely track, monitor, and control the movement of fleets, a Cloud based Video Management Software (VMS), with video analytics, holds the key for fleet companies.  In this blog, we will discuss the features of Cloud based VMS solutions, which can assist in in improving the operational efficiency of the fleet companies.  Read More

IoT in Logistics: Optimize Fleet and Warehouse Management

Logistics service providers (LSPs) are witnessing a drastic transformation in their business operations due to the advent of Internet of Things. This is impacting their entire value chain from raw materials to inbound and outbound transportation, production workflows, warehousing and distribution. In this blog, we will discuss the impact of IoT in two areas of logistics: 1) fleet management and 2) warehouse management. Read More

Build your next 4K immersive reality solution with Eragon 820, based on Snapdragon 820 processor

Today, product companies are focused on providing a truly immersive connected experience for their users, by enabling high-end visuals (pixel quality and quantity), superior sound (3D sound quality sampling and clarity), and intuitive interaction (Intelligent, responsive and accurate natural user interface) in their products. The barriers of differentiation between the physical and virtual world are rapidly diminishing. The journey to provide a truly immersive virtual world pushes the technological limits of both the hardware and software. Learn More

How Predictive and Video Analytics Nexus can Enable a Smart Retail Store?

The goal of any entity dealing with technology is to create solutions that will make our lives easier by solving our problems and making things simpler and faster for us. The focus has always been to capture the incidents and draw insights or evidence from it. But if we can avoid these incidents from happening then our city will be a face haven. Predictive analytics implemented through video management systems can help us to foresee an incident before happening and avoid it. Read More

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