Mar 2017

Mar 2017

Technology- DevOps Q&A

Nowadays, the DevOps cultural movement has spread far and wide among the technical community and can no longer be confined to software development alone. Its scope of adoption has pervaded product engineering services, various devices of ‘Internet-of-Things’ and Cloud-enabled services, with CloudOps as a resulting metonym… Read More

Publication: Design Rule Checks (DRC) - A Practical View for 28nm Technology

The main objective of this paper is to explain the various types of design rule checks (DRC) violation, their causes and how to fix the various design rule checks (DRC) at lower technology node on block level as well as full chip level implementation while meeting the design rule with respect to latest technology standards… Read More

Infographic: Predictive Maintenance – 100 % Resource Utilization and 0% Downtime

Predictive maintenance (PdM) has lately emerged as an advanced strategy to maximize the workers productivity and the efficiency and uptime of machines. It is being widely used in industrial automation especially for IoT to determine the state of machinery and factory tools to predict their maintenance when required thus, saving on re-work and raw material costs. Learn More

Blog: How to Run Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) on Android

Whether you want to develop Android in a mobile or non-mobile-environment requires, you must know how to run the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). Here is a how-to article that explains each and every stage in this important step of getting your Android license.. Read More

Blog: The use of software-based load balancer for distributing incoming requests over multi-cluster servers

Load balancing is a widely used traffic resolving mechanism. It distributes the incoming requests in an efficient and even manner across multiple servers. In this blog, we will discuss how a software-based load balancer can be used in a high-traffic websites, which accept millions of concurrent requests from different users while still returning fast and accurate data.. Learn More

Whitepaper: Applying DevOps Strategy to Manage Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud pie worth US$146 billion in 2017 (Forrester) is large enough for small and mid-scale enterprises to find their own profitable niche. Based on eInfochips direct experience with cloud solution clients, success in this market depends less on having deep pockets than having a culture which celebrates business agility, data-driven decision-making, collaboration and efficiency. In this white paper, we have discussed that enterprises can spin up cloud applications way faster if they adopt and instill the CloudOps culture within their organizations, which extends the DevOps principles of continuous operations, monitoring and improvement to cloud. Getting operations right is key to success in cloud, especially in an IoT era where data from each device is relayed to cloud to be further combined with data from other devices, with interactions across multiple clouds.

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