February 2018

February 2018

How to Secure Single-site Businesses with Cloud-based Video Management Software

To better secure the business assets, employees and customer data, and to have more ease of operations, business with single-site operations need to switch from traditional VMS to cloud-based video management systems. Read this blog to understand the common types of single-site Video Management Software  installations and the benefits of upgrading to cloud-based video surveillance. Read More

Top Industry 4.0 Trends to Watch for in 2018

Due to a number of economic, radical, and market factors across the globe, a significant revolution has been happening within the manufacturing industry. This revolution is commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, which is about connecting digital technologies with industrial processes, products, and logistics. This blog discusses the latest trends of the Industry 4.0.  Read More

Why IoT Development Needs Microservices and Containerization

With the advent of IoT and DevOps 2.0, the technology and architecture on which the IoT platforms and solutions are built will be one of the driving factors determining the long-term sustainability and success of any organization.  If we time travel from the times of mainframe, client/server, and web to now in the cloud era, the adoption of microservices and containerization becomes imperative in the IoT world. Read More

4 Elements of an Effective Cloud Monitoring Strategy

Cloud monitoring is essential to ensure performance, compliance, and security of the entire IT infrastructure including storage, network, and applications. Here are the important factors that need to be considered for implementing a solid and effective cloud monitoring strategy. Read more

Understanding the Role of Code Analysis in Agile Product Development

Code analysis in the agile product development cycle is necessary to avoid possible failures and defects arising out of the continuous changes in the source codes and coding methods. Read this blog to understand the importance and types of code analysis to promote quality of software products Read More

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