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With a proven physical design flow (RTL to GDSII, DFT, DFM), methodologies, and with dedicated subject matter experts, eInfochips has provided silicon turnkey design service to many clients for successful silicon tape-outs. We were the 1st engineering services company to tape-out multiple 16nm SoCs and have taped-out multiple ASICs at 7nm, 5nm and 3nm ASIC technology node. These SoCs have 300 million to 500 million gates (~25*25 mm) and were developed with the focus on power, performance and area requirements(PPA).

We have delivered multiple tape-outs to leading foundries including TSMC, UMC, GF, Toshiba, TI, and SMIC. We also offer DFM (Design for manufacturability)/DFT (Design for testing) and silicon turnkey design services for startups and tier-2 companies.

Why eInfochips for Physical Design, DFT & DFM Services |​ Silicon Turnkey Solutions

400+ across 180nm to 3nm technology node

First engineering services company to tapeout multiple 16nm SoC’s with:
-300 to 500 million gates
-Large die size (~25*25 mm)
-200 Watts Power consumption

Experience RISC-V core, IP integration and hardening

DFT Services – Architecture to Silicon Turn-on; Flexible DFT engagement model starting from DFT Architecture to Silicon Turn-on; 40+ successful ASIC/SoC DFT-DFM silicon bring-up

Ranked #1 by Gartner for Chip Design Services, worldwide

Best-in-the-world verification expertise​

Design Layout & RTL to GDSII Services

Physical Design
ATE Testing

Markets We Serve in Silicon Turnkey Design Services

Networking Application

Design for Testability for a High-speed Gigabit Ethernet Controller for Networking

AI-Driven Datacenters

Physical Design of Data
Center ASIC

Markets We Serve in Silicon Turnkey Design Services



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